Success story – Dr Batra’s Allergic Rhinitis Treatment Review

Dr Batra’s Allergic Rhinitis Treatment Review

Mrs. Shah’s review on Dr Batra’s allergic rhinitis treatment is inspiring. It mentions how homeopathy treatment got her rid of her hereditary chronic rhinitis.

My name is Mrs. Sonam Shah, and I have been suffering from allergic rhinitis since early 20s. A sudden change in weather conditions or intake of cold food was enough to get me into a bout of exhausting nasal allergy conditions, which ended up in days of itchy and running nose. The allergic rhinitis used to drain me completely out of energy. The ailment seemed extremely frustrating, especially if I had to attend an important official meeting, presentation or a family function. I tried a lot of allopathic medications. But the allergy used to subside temporarily and shoot back again after some time. Moreover, I was tired of consuming allopathic medicines. In fact, I started experiencing hair loss, which I knew was a result of constant intake of allopathic medications. One day, when one of my colleagues saw me struggling with an itchy nose during a presentation, she suggested consulting the experienced doctors of Dr Batra’s clinic. Her review on Dr Batra’s Homeopathic treatment was quite positive since she had a good experience with her treatment of cervical spondylitis.

I heard her story; however, I had my doubts about homeopathy. I always had a perception that homeopathy would be time-consuming, and ineffective. I discussed this with my mother, and she insisted me to visit the clinic to get allergic rhinitis treatment. I initially skimmed through Dr Batra’s website, and got to know that they have treated thousands of patients suffering from rhinitis. After reading the patient’s positive reviews of Dr Batra’s homeopathic treatment for allergic rhinitis, I finally made up my mind to visit the clinic. Moreover, there was no harm in taking the treatment, as homeopathy does not have any side effects. I took an appointment for the following Friday. Getting an appointment is quite simple and quick. My appointment was slotted for Friday at 7 pm. I had requested for the mentioned time slot, as I was planning to go to the clinic after office. My request was quickly taken by the polite receptionist on the other side of the telephone.

Allergic Rhinitis

As for my first visit, I was quite impressed by the clean and spacious interiors. Visiting the doctor, many times gets dreadful, especially if the ambiance is stinky or unclean. However, I could sense a homely aura inside the clinic. The receptionist was extremely cordial, and was offering water to every visitor, since it was too hot outside. It took 15 minutes for our appointment, and we were directed to Dr. Kapil Mehta’s cabin. Dr. Mehta greeted us courteously. He first asked to show the allopathic reports and queried about the medicines I was prescribed. He read through them, and began his Q&A session. The questions were generic, and focused on my daily eating habits, lifestyle, and allergies. He also questioned if I had a family history of rhinitis. After a detailed Q&A session, I got to know that dust and pollution were the primary cause of my rhinitis problem. Also, since my mother has been a patient of rhinitis, it was sure to trickle down the next generation, as rhinitis is a hereditary ailment.

After that, Dr. Mehta conducted a few physical tests, which included checking the eyelids and nostrils. He also carried out the skin prick and intradermal test. I was then asked to collect the reports the next evening. I went to the clinic the next day and collected the report. I was directed to Dr. Mehta’s cabin who mentioned that I had a severe case of rhinitis. However, he requested me not to get panicky and told me that I had visited the clinic at the right time.

Dr. Mehta prescribed the medicines and told me to make a few changes in my everyday diet. He assured to treat me of my nasal allergy at the earliest. I felt relieved and decided to follow his instructions strictly. My next visit was scheduled on the 10th day. I must say, after strictly following his prescription for four days, I could see a significant reduction in my allergic rhinitis. On my 10th day visit, there was a whopping 50% improvement in my health condition. He asked me to follow the same medicines and diet routine for a few months.

On the third month, I could see a significant reduction in how my health reacted to pollution and dust. It was after Dr Batra’s allergic rhinitis treatment that I no more am hypersensitive towards allergy causing agents. Now I can freely travel outdoors, and no more do I dread those official meetings and presentations.

Another important aspect that needs mentioning in the review on Dr Batra’s treatment is the reasonable fees. After spending a fortune on allopathic treatment and not getting any positive results, the nominally charged homeopathic allergic rhinitis treatment indeed proved to be a boon for me. In fact, I see a long-term improvement in my health condition. Homeopathy assures killing the ailment right from the roots. I am thankful to my colleague to recommend Dr Batra’s, and my mother who encouraged me to consult him, even after my consistent hesitation.

I have completed the course, and Dr. Mehta has asked me to follow a self-care schedule to avoid any further occurrences of allergic rhinitis. Some of the tips include eating food rich in zinc, like mushrooms, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. He also has told me to increase the intake of antioxidants. I have been advised to avoid food containing wheat and dairy products, along with reducing the intake of sugar.

Presently, my mother too is undergoing treatment at the clinic, and we are already seeing reasonable improvement in her health condition. I am certainly going to recommend Dr Batra’s clinic to my friends and relatives. Now, I realize why homeopathy treatment has had a remarkable history and still hold strong relevance in today’s technology and a medically advanced world.


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